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    Natural transition Three-dimensional CLS sandwich lock color technology. No contact between color and eyeball. Extremely comfortable.


  • pryaathwal


    INMIX® Universe Light Grey Contact Lenses (12 Months)
    $22.99 $35.99
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  • _ana.aquino00


    INMIX® Wine Brown Contact Lenses (12 Months)
    $28.99 $59.99
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  • akina_matata


    INMIX® Wine Green Contact Lenses (12 Months)
    $25.99 $49.99
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INMIX®丨Discover More Possibilities

INMIX believes having a well-rounded visual experience is a fundamental right of the human being. As your pupil stylist, we are devoted to the exploration and expression of your multi-faceted inner self. 

INMIX is committed to integrating inner wellness with outer beauty. Through INMIX lens, you can be empowered to find diverse versions of yourself and to express your unique beauty bravely.