5 Influencers Wearing Featherweight Eyeglasses

From what we eat to what we wear, we all get our inspiration from one place or another.

In most cases, especially with regards to fashion, we get that inspiration and direction from influencers.

And no fashion trend that has ridden on the wings of influencers as much as eyewear — particularly the wearing of featherweight eyeglasses.

Whether donned for medical reasons or simply to look more sophisticated, featherweight eyeglass frames have become wildly popular. 

What are Featherweight Eyeglasses

For a long time, eyeglasses were looked upon with disdain for two reasons — traditional eyeglasses were bulky and uncomfortable. Because of this, they made wearers look goofy and clumsy. Especially as they are prone to falling off because of the weight.

This is where featherweight eyeglasses came and saved the day.

Thanks to modern technology and designs, eyeglasses don’t have to be clunky, uncomfortable, or even unsightly.

Advantages of Featherweight Eyeglasses

Now that you know what featherweight eyeglasses are, let’s briefly dive into what makes featherweight eyeglasses so appealing — particularly when compared to their traditional counterparts.

  • Lightweight frames. One of the biggest problems with traditional eyewear is the heavy frames. Featuring ultra-light eyeglass frames, featherweight eyeglasses are so light you can’t even feel them sitting on your nose. 
  • Comfortable. By nature of them being ultra-light, INMIX’s featherlight eyewear is so comfortable you can easily go the whole day without feeling encumbered by them. 
  • Sturdy construction. Despite being lightweight, featherweight eyeglass frames are built to last. Using technologically advanced materials, you can expect yours (especially if they are INMIX made) to last forever.
  • Stylish. Apart from being functional, eyewear must also allow you to look good. And that’s what featherweight eyeglasses do. Thanks to the materials used, you can have yours in basically any style you like.  

If you’re on the market for a new pair of glasses, you should consider going the featherweight rim route. Featuring modern frame designs that will help you project your unique personality. They’ll help you stand out from the crowd. What’s more, if you get yours from our store, you can rest assured your eyes will be protected from harmful blue light.

5 Influencers who Wear Featherweight Eyeglasses 

If there’s one thing influencers do well, it’s building a personal brand. A big part of said branding includes developing a unique image and personality people can easily recognize. And yes, something as subtle as eyewear can play a huge role in developing that unique image. That’s why many influencers are now sporting featherweight eyeglasses — they’re the in-thing. For many, eyewear has become a part of their signature look and style, making many of their fans emulate their fashion preferences. 

Just so you know, personal branding isn’t just for influencers. You can develop your own brand too.

So which influencers wear featherweight eyeglasses?

1. Tom Cruise

featherweight eyeglasses


No other celebrity and influencer could be as synonymous with eyewear as Tom Cruise. Donning his signature Aviator sunglasses since the late 1980s. His choice of sunglasses features thin ultra-light eyeglass frames with traditionally sized lenses. This timeless cool jock look has inspired many to adopt the look. And love him or hate him, you just have to admit that the Mission Impossible star inspires many to embark on a mission to look as good as him.

2. Priyanka Chopra

featherweight eyeglasses


Crowned Ms World in 2000, Priyanka Chopra’s star has only been seeing an upward trajectory. Take her massive almost 68 million-strong Instagram following, for example. Being an international superstar, this beauty queen turned actress definitely knows a thing or two about fashion. And that’s why she’s seen on many occasions wearing featherweight eyeglasses.

3. Kit Harrington

featherweight eyeglasses


Kit Harrington rose to stardom thanks to his role as Jon Snow in the wildly popular TV show, Game of Thrones (GoT). Despite not sporting glasses on the GoT set (glasses were not yet invented in the middle ages, duh!), Kit is always seen in prescription featherweight eyeglasses when not shooting.

If there's a celebrity that makes prescription eyewear look good, Kit is it. Featuring a super thin and ultra-light frame, his choice of eyeglasses is probably the best decision he made as far as his image is concerned. Thankfully, you don’t need to have a prescription to rock Kit’s look.  

4. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato


Singer, songwriter, actress. Those are just some of the titles the multi-talented Demi Lovato goes by. A massive 112 million Instagram following certainly qualifies her to be called a mega influencer too. As the influencer that she is, Demi knows that her image is crucial to her brand. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons she’s usually seen sporting featherweight eyewear. And just by looking at her choice, it’s evident that not only does she look good, but the fit is comfortable enough for her to relax in bed with her glasses. 

5. Robert Downey JR

featherweight eyeglasses


Known for being Iron Man in Marvel Movies, Robert Downey Jr is the epitome of a Hollywood heartthrob. His cool demeanor and dashing looks make him one of the most loved influencers of our time. 

When it comes to personal image, one of Robert Downey Jr’s signature looks includes glasses as an accessory. More often than not, it’s featherweight eyeglass frames that he dons.

Featherweight Eyeglasses — Make them a Part of Your Fashion Accessories

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