More about progressive lenses?

Q:What are the functions of multifocal lenses?

A. Middle-aged and elderly people can not only look far away, but also when they have presbyopia, they don’t need to take off the glasses or wear presbyopic glasses at close range.

B. The young and middle-aged people usually look tired after watching the computer for a long time, and they are not easy to get tired after wearing multi-focus glasses. The multi-focus can effectively control the deepening of the eye brightness.

C. The lens of progressive multifocal glasses looks like a single vision lens, and the dividing line of power change is not seen. Not only is the appearance beautiful, but more importantly, it protects the age privacy of the wearer, and there is no need to worry about leaking the age secret due to wearing glasses.

Q:I don’t wear too many focus glasses, what should I pay attention to when I wear it for the first time?

A. Generally, it takes about a week to adapt, but the length of the adaptation period varies from person to person. It is slower to walk when dizzy.

B. Since the two sides of the lens are astigmatism disorder areas, it is difficult to see objects on both sides by turning the eyeball with light. You need to rotate the neck and the eyeball at the same time to see clearly.

C. When going downstairs, bring your glasses lower and try to see from the upper far area.