How To Choose Eyeglasses

How To Choose Eyeglasses

Possibly the most important part of the eyewear buying process is choosing the right glasses. Your PD(Pupillary Distance), the size of the frames, the best eyeglasses for your face shape, and what your prescription mean all those contribute to how happy you are with your eyeglasses. This guide will help you better understand what options are available to you and help you choose eyeglasses to fit your preference and lifestyle.

  • How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)

    PD is the distance between the center of one pupil to the center of the other.

  • Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

    Since there are different classifications based on different metrics...

  • How to Measure Your Frame Size

    It’s important to determine which size frames are best for you to ensure your...

  • How To Fill Out The Prescription

    If your prescription is like the following one, you need first to choose single...

  • Lenses and Coatings

    We offer quality prescription lenses to any customer who buys frames from us.

  • Bluelight Protect Lens

    Blue ray exists everywhere today As the widespread use of smartphones...