How To Fill Out The Prescription

If you have questions about reading and filling out the prescription form, here are some pictures to help you understand.

This is the most common format. Above or on the left side of the form are printed fields such as OD, OS, SPH, CYL, etc.; usually input by computer, or handwritten by a doctor.

< 1.Single Vision Prescription >

[ OS/OD ]
OS: refers to the left eye, and "L" is also used to refer to the left eye;
OD: refers to the right eye, and "R" is also used to refer to the right eye.
[ SPH ]
SPH, which means Sphere, refers to the degree of nearsightedness/farsightedness;
-5.50D: refers to myopia of 300 degrees, where a negative number refers to myopia;
+2.50D: refers to hyperopia 250 degrees, where a positive number refers to hyperopia.


CYL means Cylinder, which refers to the degree of astigmatism;
AXIS, which means Axis, refers to the direction of astigmatism;
-1.00 means 100 degrees of astigmatism.
100 refers to the direction of astigmatism 100 degrees.

[ PD ]
PD stands for Pupillary Distance.

How to fill out a single prescription form on our website?

< 2.Progressive/multi-focus prescription >

[ ADD ]
ADD (short for Reading Addition) is the data required for reading. It can be used to make multifocal glasses. If you wish to choose multifocal/progressive lenses, ADD data should be included in the prescription.

How to fill in the progressive/multi-focus prescription form in our website?