How To Order?

Confused about how to shop for glasses on our website? We’ve customized a simple flow diagram for you as a reference to shop at INMIX with ease.


Step 1 ↓↓
Click the home page or use the search tool to find the desired frames. For example, you can refer to “metal frame” under the “materials” category, then enter “metal glasses series”.
Step 2  ↓↓
On the “metal glasses series” page, you can search for frames by category or product number. Or you can scroll down the page to enter the product description.
Step 3  ↓↓
Browse the information on the product description page, pick a color, then add it to the shopping cart.
Step 4  ↓↓
On the pop-up page, choose whether you want a prescription or not. Prices are per monocle.
Step 5  ↓↓
Select the desired lens features on the pop-up page.
Step 6  ↓↓
Select the desired lens features on the pop-up page.Select the refractive index of the lens on the pop-up page. (for frames of the same size, please use lenses with a higher refractive index, which means the lens can be thinner. The price in the yellow rectangle does not include lenses).
Step 7  ↓↓
Continue to view your selections on the pop-up page, then click submit.
Step 8  ↓↓
Still, add your prescriptions on the pop-up page. To ensure that you can shop smoothly with or without a prescription, we offer you the following three options, you can choose one to continue shopping.
Step 9  ↓↓
On the next page that pops up, fill out the prescription form and submit. Or you can go to the shopping cart page (check the yellow rectangle), then submit the information or check out.
Step 10  ↓↓
Fill in your contact information and address in the shopping list on the right side of the page.
Step 11  ↓↓
Check your contact information and address. At this point, you can still modify contact information and address before you proceed to payment.
Step 12  ↓↓
Double-check your payment information, then select the payment method and billing address. Confirm the order and go to the payment page.
Step 13  ↓↓
Choose the method of payment.

At this point after check-out, your order is complete. Please wait for the arrival of your items. Enjoy!