How to choose Lenses

According to the wearer's personal visual needs, there are different types of prescription lenses. The quality of the lenses, their attributes and coatings all help to improve your satisfaction with the glasses. We will provide you with professional lens services.




What is a single focus lens?
Single-focus glasses refer to lenses with one focal point. Usually, the nearsightedness, hyperopia, and presbyopia we see belong to single-focal glasses. There is only one luminosity on a lens, which is a single focal point.


What function does the single focus lens have?
Monofocal glasses are sufficient to meet basic vision needs. It cannot meet the needs of different distances, such as relieving fatigue, controlling luminosity, and fancy looking far and near.


What is a multifocal lens?
Progressive lenses are also called progressive lenses. There are multiple focal points on one lens. They have three main fields of vision, including near, middle and far. You can get better optical effects.

What are the functions of multifocal lenses?
I don’t wear too many focus glasses, what should I pay attention to when I wear it for the first time?

- Lens coating -

1.Classic coating
Clear lenses for every day use,can be replaced by your optometrist.

2.Blue Light Blocking Coating
protect your eyes while using phones and computers.

Do your eyes often have the following symptoms?
Why to choose blue light blocking glasses?
Why choose our lenses?

3.Light Responsive
Change the tint of the lens according to the amount of light exposed.


The refractive index of the lens. The 1.49, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.71, 1.74 on the lens refer to the refractive index of the lens. 

1.The higher the refractive index, the better the quality?
The quality of the lens depends on the material and process, and has nothing to do with the refractive index of the lens.
2.The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens?
The thickness of the lens is not only determined by the refractive index of the lens, but also includes: the size of the frame/the size of the astigmatism/the size of the pupil distance.