Our Story

The Birth of INMIX

We asked ourselves the question, “Do we have to choose between aesthetic and comfort?”

Our Slogan

See More Possibilities.

Our Belief

A clear vision should be a basic right.
So is beauty.
We believe everyone deserves to discover and see the beauty within themselves. No matter how different, unique, or diverse, we want to give everyone the courage to express their beauty to the world. Luckily, eyewear is the perfect medium. 
In the journey of integrating inner wellness and outer beauty, INMIX is committed to making self-expression accessible, tailored, and stylish.

Breaking the Status Quo

Stylish eyewear doesn't have to be a luxury.
We have been committed to our belief and integrating eyewear supply chains for 12 years. We are also the proud owners of a fully automated optical lens processing center that handles over 10,000 orders daily. What makes us so confident? Ever-updating styles, advanced functional materials, ergonomic structural designs, and speedy delivery! 
Leave the hard work to us and reward yourself with a pair of glasses that is stylish, comfortable, AND accessible.

See the world. See more possibilities.

Professional. Practical. Polished. Powerful. Personable.