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Our Story

Why Our Brand Was Created

"Can it really only be one or the other, for eyewear, aesthetically pleasing or comfortable?"

Our Belief

Having a well-rounded visual experience is a fundamental right of each and everyone.
So is experiencing beauty in its entirety.
We'd like to see to it that everyone has the opportunity to discover the diversity within themselves and to be brave enough to express their unique beauty to the world.
Glasses are the perfect way to implement this.
INMIX is committed to finding the best way to integrate " inner wellness " and " outer beauty ".
And most importantly, it shouldn't be so costly and inconvenient to obtain these rights of accessing quality visual experience.

We decided to break the old status quo.

We are equipped with 12 years of experience in integrating eyewear supply chains and we are proud owners of a fully automated optical lens processing center that processes over 10,000 orders on a daily basis.
Ever-updating styles, advanced functional materials, ergonomic structural design, and speedy delivery are our competitive advantages.
Our professionalism and efforts make it so that your glasses look more stylish, feel more comfortable and is no longer a luxury that is out of reach.
Through our eyewear, you can find a better way to relate to the world and discover more possibilities.

INMIX brand Association Terms

Stylish, professional, functional, dependable / reliable, approachable / user-friendly