What Eyeglasses Are in Style Now? Your 2021 Guide

There's nothing quite like a great new pair of glasses to enhance your look for any season. In fact, those that don't even need glasses to correct their vision are getting in on the game in overwhelming numbers, wearing stylish or new trending glasses that do more than frame their eyes and face, sending a hip and on-trend message to the outside world. 

But unless you know what eyeglasses are in style now, you could end up on the wrong side of a fashion statement. Whether you need them to see, for the benefits of a blue-light filter or it's all about that the impact of that ensemble, the eyeglasses trends of 2021 are all about playing with your look. 

From thick-rimmed styles and transparent frames to bold and playful colors that can suit your wardrobe or your mood, stylish glasses for women and men are out there if you know what to look for. And even if you want to play down the fun, there are many classic styles for you to experiment with in 2021. 

Here are the glasses that will surely be dominating 2021 and beyond, though you're certainly welcome to buck the trend and try to create one of your own with all the great and fun designs out there today.

Cat-Eye Glasses

While the angular shape of cat-eye glasses have always been a signature staple of some women (and fashion-forward men!), 2021 does seem to be the year of the cat -- or at least of cat-eye glasses. Current eyeglass styles and pictures lean heavily on this iconic look to add a great touch to any business or academic look -- and they're also great for all ages with the sheer number of styles available. They can even be whimsical paired with a vibrant and striking wardrobe, or dress them down with a flowing, beachy look.

Clear and Colorful Glasses

If 2021 has shown us anything, it's that glasses don't have to be limited to the boring and functional. And with the explosion of clear and colorful glasses, it's easy to answer the question of what eyeglasses are in style now with clear frame glasses. Not only do they suggest a fun and smart look, especially with chunky frames that appear light and airy on the face, but they're great for women and men alike! They also go with just about anything because the color is so muted and merely suggestive, giving your face and the rest of your outfit time to shine.

Thick Rims and Geometric Shapes

Forget the days of thin glasses that are barely there -- the eyeglasses that are in style now are chunky and meant to be noticed. They also tend to have highly geometric signatures that flatter and suit just about any face shape and look. Perfect in a board room or during a fashion shoot, chunky glasses are a bold way to make a fashion statement. 

Translucent and Nude Glasses

An offshoot of the clear and colorful glasses we mentioned earlier, nude glasses are a great and neutral way to pump up your look. And with a warm and flattering color, they're like a more serious cousin to those trendy and colorful frames that might not work in all social situations. The refined elegance of translucent glasses have a toned-down hue that can work with just about everything in your closet. 

Large and Round Frames

For those with more squarish or rectangular-shaped faces, round frames can bring a flattering balance to your look. Easily mixed with a sharp suit or sweaters and hats, round glasses are a perfectly bold and elegant look that never goes out of style. Smaller frames tend to play up the elegance and professionalism while larger frames can be funky and perfect for grabbing attention, especially when paired with the right outfit. 

Unique Tortoiseshell Patterns

One of the hottest and latest spectacle frame trends for men and women is a unique tortoiseshell that is truly one of a kind. Because of how tortoiseshell frames are made, no two are exactly the same, and that can be just what you need to create a distinctive look for yourself in the office or during a night out on the town. Not quite black and not quite brown, tortoiseshell glasses are great for the style-conscious since they pair well with black, brown and just about any other color in your wardrobe.

Oversized and Square Glasses

Taking cues from retro glasses from the 70s, oversized and square glasses are an answer to the question, what eyeglasses are in style now? Complete with thick frames and oversized proportions, square glasses are as fashionable as they are edgy, and they work for the young and the old alike -- whether you're dressing up or dressing down. Paired with a leather jacket and some ripped up jeans or with a smart shirt and blazer, oversized and square glasses always seem to come back around.

Thin Rimmed Glasses

To dial up that professional yet trendy look, thin and lightweight rimmed glasses are a great alternative to chunky frames that can at times seem to beg for attention. But if you want your glasses to take a back seat to your face and your overall look, thin rimmed glasses are one of the best ways to do that in 2021. 

Flat-Top Glasses

Avoiding the flourishes of colored frames and blocky glasses that are more about making a statement, today's flat-top and aviator glasses are a refined yet relaxed style that comes in both metal and acetate shapes. With the distinctive aviator double-nose bridge, flat-top glasses run the gamut from large and oversized to small and refined, perfect for enhancing a look or framing your face. They're great for both men and women and can accentuate strength as well as a vulnerability that can draw others in.

Retro Browlines

A decidedly retro look, clubmaster glasses are as iconic today as when they were first introduced decades ago. Both practical and fashionable, clubmaster glasses accentuate the browline with a heavy look up top and a delicate look on the bottom. They're great in the office or with more conservative dress, but they can also work just as well after hours in the bar or club as a signature look. 

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